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Nani’s Vegetarian Cooking

December 7, 2008
Nani's Vegetarian Cooking Front Cover

Nani's Vegetarian Cooking Front Cover

After nearly 20 years, I’ve finally released my book, Nani’s Vegetarian Cooking. The book was officially released in September and I wanted to take some time to quickly mention it here for my blog readers. If you enjoy the recipes on my blog, you’ll definitely enjoy the many recipes in my book. I’ve covered a variety of recipes across appetizers, beverages, desserts, rice dishes, lentils, and breads and also provide many helpful cooking tips. One way I think my book distinguishes itself is that unlike many Indian cookbooks, Nani’s Vegetarian Cooking focuses exclusively on Indian vegetarian cuisine.

Over the years, both Indian and vegetarian cuisine have become increasingly popular but it’s tough to find cookbooks that effectively blend the two cuisines. In addition, some may find both Indian and vegetarian cuisine intimidating as the two cuisines may be out of their comfort zone. As a result, it’s really important to make sure the recipes are accessible to a variety of readers and cooks.

While I’m just a little biased, I tend to think that Nani’s Vegetarian Cooking does a splendid job in making Indian vegetarian cooking accessible to beginners but can also offer advanced chefs something new. I really wanted to make this a manual that invites cooks of all styles and levels and I focused on providing recipes that could grow in complexity with the level of the cook. The recipes are explained in a very clear and concise manner and in certain cases I make sure to provide optional steps that can make the dish less difficult to prepare while not resulting in a bland offering.

If you’re looking for something new in terms of cookbooks and have liked what you’ve seen on my blog, Nani’s Vegetarian Cooking could be a great new addition to your bookshelf. You can order it at a variety of places such as Trafford Publishing,, and Hopefully, my little informercial wasn’t too long! Thank you for your support and check back here for additional recipes in the future.

Happy Holidays!