Welcome to Spring!

I have been growing a variety of vegetables in my garden over the past three decades and gardening season has started for me now that the spring is officially here. I wanted to share this beautiful mustard flower that has been blooming in my garden since last week. The yellow color of mustard flower symbolizes the joy of life, warmth and friendship. Spring is a wonderful season for me personally since it feeds all five senses through gardening. I also find it to be quite therapeutic.

Every spring, the mustard growing in our backyard is the first plant in our garden to burst into bloom. This year, it is about two weeks early since the temperatures were unusually warm in March. Being an avid gardener, my garden wouldn’t be complete without my favorite mustard greens and all time favorite herb coriander. Every year if the winter isn’t harsh, the little mustard greens and coriander leaves emerge from the ground in the early spring just like any perennials. Mustard leaves are used in the same way as any leafy greens except that I call them bitter greens. The whole mustard seeds (rai) are used in tarka (spice-infused ghee or oil) and ground for various spice blends and pickles.

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