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Sliced Mango

August 30, 2012

Mango is one of our family favorites that is used in a myriad of ways during summer along with dairy products.  It is a very refreshing and versatile fruit and can be enjoyed by itself or incorporated into a number of simple desserts.  In the past I have included pictures of mango lassi, strained yogurt, and mango ice cream.  The pictures displayed below show sliced mango and cubed mango served with kheer not my nani’s method of serving kheer but I like to incorporate cubed seasonal fruits any way I can.



August 19, 2012

A friend recently brought some taro leaves from their garden that inspired me to share three pictures below on my blog. Taro is one of the tubers used like potato and has many varieties. While cooking taro root it is best to cook without peeling (again depending upon the variety). Once cooked at the stage of fork tender, it can be peeled and used as potato.  Taro leaves are used in making a variety of snacks in India. No part of taro plant should be eaten unless it is fully cooked. The pictures displayed below show taro plant and a vegetable dish (subzi) made with taro leaves just like any leafy vegetables except fully cooked. As the gardening season will be coming to an end very soon for warm loving plants I wanted to share the photo of the taro plant growing in my garden.